Welcome to the San Nicola Addiction Rehabilitation Centre located in the idyllic Le Marche region of Italy.

San Nicola Centre
  • San Nicola

Get away to Italy. Get used to living again.

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We believe in treating the person behind the addiction.

It's essential you make the initial break from addiction, as only then can you make a fresh start. Here, in our fully renovated Italian farmhouse amid the rolling hills and sun-drenched olive groves, you can benefit from the most effective intensive group and individual therapies available.

Our addiction rehabilitation centre is the only facility in Italy for English-speaking clients and provides the perfect place to get away from your usual environment and into a supportive, professional community which has over 35 years experience in treating addiction and has recently received a Certificate of Excellence from the Italian Health Ministry.

How we will help you.

Our treatment programme begins with a full assessment of the patient before or after detox and a programme will be chosen specifically for the patient's needs. The second phase of rehabilitation sees the patient follow their individually tailored psychological treatment plan, utilizing the various therapies available, and often including family or relationship therapy sessions. This is because we understand that addiction not only impacts the addict's own life, but also the lives of the people he or she is close to. Therefore when you come to San Nicola we offer a week's free accommodation nearby for one family member or significant other, in conjunction with a week's intensive therapeutic support for that person. We will also continue to support the patient after leaving San Nicola.